Source code for opentree.object_conversion

#!/usr/bin/env python3

import dendropy
import re

def get_object_converter(object_conversion_schema):
    if object_conversion_schema.lower() == 'dendropy':
        return DendropyConvert()
    raise ValueError('Currently only conversion to DendroPy objects is supported.')

_name_gap_ott_num = re.compile(r'^(.+)[ _]ott(\d+)$')

def _decorate_taxa_in_taxon_namespace_by_parsing_labels(tree):
    taxon_namespace = tree.taxon_namespace
    for nd in tree.preorder_node_iter():
        if (nd.taxon is not None) or (not nd.label):
        m = _name_gap_ott_num.match(nd.label)
        if m:
            nd.taxon = taxon_namespace.new_taxon(nd.label)

    for taxon in taxon_namespace:
        label = taxon.label
        m = _name_gap_ott_num.match(label)
        if m:
            name =
            if name and not hasattr(taxon, 'ott_taxon_name'):
                taxon.ott_taxon_name = name
            if not hasattr(taxon, 'ott_id'):
                taxon.ott_id = int(

# noinspection PyMethodMayBeStatic
[docs]class DendropyConvert(object): """ Class to convert newicks to dendropy objects """ def tree_from_newick(self, newick, suppress_internal_node_taxa=False, **kwargs): tree = dendropy.Tree.get(data=newick, schema="newick", suppress_internal_node_taxa=suppress_internal_node_taxa, **kwargs) _decorate_taxa_in_taxon_namespace_by_parsing_labels(tree) return tree def tree_list_from_newicks(self, newick_list, suppress_internal_node_taxa=False, **kwargs): concat = '\n'.join(newick_list) tree_list = dendropy.TreeList.get(data=concat, schema="newick", suppress_internal_node_taxa=suppress_internal_node_taxa, **kwargs) for tree in tree_list: _decorate_taxa_in_taxon_namespace_by_parsing_labels(tree) return tree_list def taxon_namespace_and_id_dict_from_nexson_otus_obj(self, otus_obj, otus_id): tn = dendropy.TaxonNamespace(label=otus_id) id_to_taxon = {} for oid, otu_obj in otus_obj.items(): dt = tn.new_taxon(oid) if oid in id_to_taxon: raise ValueError('otu id "{}" repeated'.format(oid)) id_to_taxon[oid] = dt dt.otu = oid dt.ott_taxon_name, dt.ott_id, dt.original_label = None, None, None for meta_key, meta_v in otu_obj.items(): if meta_key == '^ot:ottTaxonName': dt.ott_taxon_name = meta_v elif meta_key == '^ot:originalLabel': dt.original_label = meta_v elif meta_key == '^ot:ottId': dt.ott_id = meta_v return tn, id_to_taxon def tree_from_nexson(self, nexson, tree_id, label_format="ot:originallabel"): to_taxon_attr = { "ot:originallabel": "original_label", "ot:ottid": "ott_id", "ot:otttaxonname": "ott_taxon_name", "id": "ott_id", "name": "ott_taxon_name" } taxon_attr = to_taxon_attr[label_format.lower()] nexml = nexson['nexml'] trees_sets_by_id = nexml.get('treesById', {}) if not trees_sets_by_id: raise KeyError('No trees found in NexSON') otu_set_id, tree_obj = None, None for tree_set_id, tree_set in trees_sets_by_id.items(): otu_set_id = tree_set.get('@otus') tbi = tree_set.get('treeById', {}) tree_obj = tbi.get(tree_id) if tree_obj: break if tree_obj is None: raise KeyError('Tree with id "{}" not found in NexSON'.format(tree_id)) if otu_set_id is None: raise KeyError('Tree set missing "@otus" property') otus_by_id = nexml['otusById'] otu_set = otus_by_id[otu_set_id] # if len(otu_set) != 1: # raise ValueError('expecting just "otuById" in OTUs object') # # Hmmm. Some have otu_set.keys() = dict_keys(['@label', '^skos:historyNote', 'otuById']). Seems fine. obi = otu_set["otuById"] tn, id2taxon = self.taxon_namespace_and_id_dict_from_nexson_otus_obj(obi, otu_set_id) for taxon in tn: tl = getattr(taxon, taxon_attr, None) if tl is not None: taxon.label = tl tree = dendropy.Tree(label=tree_obj.get('@label', tree_id), taxon_namespace=tn) tt = tree_obj["@xsi:type"] if tt == 'nex:FloatTree': tree.length_type = float root_node_id = tree_obj["^ot:rootNodeId"] spec_root_id = tree_obj["^ot:specifiedRoot"] if spec_root_id: assert spec_root_id == root_node_id non_annotations = frozenset(["^ot:inGroupClade", "^ot:rootNodeId", "^ot:specifiedRoot"]) for key, value in tree_obj.items(): if key in non_annotations: continue if key.startswith('^ot:'): tree.annotations.add_new(name=key[4:], value=value) nex_nds = tree_obj['nodeById'] edges_by_src = tree_obj['edgeBySourceId'] nd_id2dend = {} nexson_nd = nex_nds[root_node_id] _proc_nd(tree.seed_node, nexson_nd, id2taxon, root_node_id, nd_id2dend) to_proc = [tree.seed_node] while to_proc: next_nd = to_proc.pop(0) edges_dict = edges_by_src.get(, {}) for edge_id, e_dict in edges_dict.items(): new_nd = tree.node_factory() assert e_dict['@source'] == dest_id = e_dict['@target'] _proc_nd(new_nd, nex_nds[dest_id], id2taxon, dest_id, nd_id2dend) next_nd.add_child(new_nd) edge_len = e_dict.get('@length') = edge_id if edge_len is not None: new_nd.edge.length = edge_len to_proc.append(new_nd) return tree
def _proc_nd(node, nexson_nd, id2taxon, node_id, nd_id2dend): = node_id nd_id2dend[node_id] = node _decorate_nd(node, nexson_nd, id2taxon) def _decorate_nd(node, nexson_nd, id2taxon): otu_id = nexson_nd.get('@otu') if otu_id: node.taxon = id2taxon[otu_id] node.label =